100% Uptime

Offshore Dual-Homed Hosting

Nassau & Freeport data centres

Secure Hosting has been the leader in offshore web hosting since 2001.

Our 100% uptime solution is just one more great product we are proud to offer our customers.

How do you achieve 100% uptime?

We offer a fully managed, dual-homed hosting solution. Our solutions range from a basic set of two servers in dual-homed locations, up to dual-homed completely load balanced clusters.

By using sophisticated geographic load balancing, dns routing and diverse network paths, we are able to assure our customers that 100% uptime is achieved.

All solutions include:

  • Set up of dual-homed sites
  • Configuration of data mirrors between locations
  • 24/7 monitoring & alerting
  • 24/7 support
  • Our 100% uptime guarantee

What is covered by 100% uptime?

Network connectivity, power, cooling, and server failures are covered. Guaranteed.

Redundant UPS systems, cooling systems and network routing combined with dual-homed hosting in two separate geographic locations means there is no single point of failure.

More information

For more details or to receive a quote on a 100% uptime solution that is right for you, please Contact Us.