Where is your Data – Find out why it matters

Posted by in Cloud,Security | April 29, 2013

We’ve entered an amazing age. Not only can clients and consumers interact with you digitally in real time, but they can do it from their computers, smartphones and tablets; at the office or at home from virtually anywhere on the planet.

Interconnectivity is now the driving force behind the world economy, but it can also be one of your greatest threats. Your data is the key to your clients’ fortunes, and any threat to its privacy is a risk that you have to manage.

Depending on where your servers are located you could be putting the privacy and security of that data in peril. With the advent of cloud computing, authorities have increased difficulty identifying where offending data is stored. The laws of each country or jurisdiction determine how protected your data and hardware will be.

Slate.com: FBI wants real-time Gmail, Dropbox spying power

Your archived emails can already be read – legally – without your permission or knowledge!

Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, federal authorities can easily obtain copies of emails that are 180 days or older on services such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.

When it comes to spying on Gchat, Skype, Dropbox or other real time services, it is a different different story.

For now.

At a recent American Bar Association talk in Washington, D.C, Andrew Weissmann, FBI general counsel, let it be known that the FBI is making Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers a “Top Priority” for 2013

How can Secure Hosting help?

  • The leader in secure hosting solutions since 2001
  • Privacy protected by the laws of The Bahamas and Bermuda
  • Low latency redundant sub-sea fiber network
  • Best support and service in the business

When privacy and data security are your primary concern, storing your information on servers in The Bahamas or Bermuda will be your first step towards digital security.

To find our more about security risks that are at play in today’s digital economy and how Secure Hosting can help you mitigate against them, please Contact Us.

MarketWatch: Secure Hosting Opens Second Bahamas Data Centre

Posted by in Cloud,Dedicated | April 23, 2013

From MarketWatch:

FREEPORT, The Bahamas — Secure Hosting, a data hosting company that provides secure dedicated servers for offshore hosting has opened a second data centre in the region to serve a growing need for clients around the world. The Freeport location is the company’s second data centre in Bahamas making it the only hosting company in Latin America or the Caribbean to offer fully redundant hosting solutions.

Secure Hosting also has data centres in Nassau and in Hamilton, Bermuda. Read more >>

WSJ Online: Secure Hosting Announces Partnership With VMWare For The Latest Technology In Secure Cloud Hosting

Posted by in Cloud | April 16, 2013

From The Wall Street Journal:

NASSAU, The Bahamas — Secure Hosting, the only PCI DSS Compliant Hosting provider in the Caribbean and Latin America, has joined forces with VMWare, the industry’s leading virtualization provider. The partnership means that Secure Hosting has achieved certification on both the Solution Provider and Service Provider levels with VMWare.

VMWare provides server virtualization for hosting providers and companies looking to improve processing power, reduce maintenance times and revolutionize the reliability of their systems. Virtualization is a revolutionary technology that maximizes a processor’s abilities by allowing multiple applications to be run at one time by the same processor. This technology enables Secure Hosting to keep costs down while providing fully-redundant, enterprise grade PCI-Compliant secure cloud hosting services with two factor authentication and VPN connection, as well as clustered hosting with 24/7 monitoring and support. Read more >>

Yahoo News: Secure Hosting Attains Standard for PCI DSS Compliant Hosting

Posted by in Cloud,Security | April 9, 2013

From Yahoo News:

NASSAU, The Bahamas — Secure Hosting, a leading offshore hosting provider and Participating Organization of the PCI Security Standards Council, now offers a suite of PCI DSS compliant hosting solutions. PCI Compliance or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the highest international standard for data security.

The PCI Security Standards Council has established PCI DSS as a 12-step security standard, created to verify protection for online transactions. The PCI Security Standards Council is a self-governing board, which includes major banks, credit and debit cards and prominent retail organizations that respond to the rapidly changing e-commerce market and verify all service providers’ PCI compliance to the stringent requirements needed to receive the designation. Read more >>

Choosing The Right Offshore Hosting Provider

Posted by in Cloud,Dedicated,Security | October 15, 2012

Offshore hosting is the ideal method for any company to establish their products and services online. With the ability to have a turnkey offshore dedicated server preconfigured and ready to go, any company can get online without any prior IT experience or in house staff.

Not all IT firms offering offshore hosting and offshore dedicated servers are built alike. Here are some things a business should consider when choosing which offshore hosting provider fits their needs.

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