Cutting The Cost Of Technology With Secure Cloud Hosting

Posted by in Cloud,Dedicated | September 25, 2012

E-commerce is a driving force for many business plans. Online capabilities have expanded business’s ability to reach out to customers, create contacts and leads, and brand their product. Of course, there are a number of major companies that are exclusively online and are highly profitable.

However, these technologies cost money and capital to implement and maintain. However, with offshore server hosting now even small businesses owners can enjoy all of the benefits of internet technology at a fraction of the required cost and overhead.

Secure Hosting’s offshore server hosting and secure cloud hosting options are a cost effective way for individuals, businesses, and major companies to get online and establish a presence or expand their business model. Nearly every IT system costs a significant amount of money to roll out and then overhead to maintain. With offshore server hosting options, companies can avoid high capital investments and lower the overhead of running their information technology.

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How To Create A Disaster Recovery Plan: Secure Hosting And More

Posted by in Dedicated | September 17, 2012

Many companies today rely on their IT resources in order to execute their business plan. In fact, some companies are solely internet based and they live and die based on the availability of their internet services. Even for companies with only a moderate investment in IT resources, any loss of data or application accessibility can be harmful to the bottom line.

For this reason, every business should implement a disaster recovery plan to safeguard their IT resources and data. The most effective methods for making IT infrastructure disaster proof are redundancy along with offshore servers and secure hosting.

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Understanding Offshore Hosting Options: Shared, Dedicated, Colocation

Posted by in Dedicated,Security | August 12, 2012

Offshore hosting is one of the easiest ways for any company to get their business online and start enjoying the benefits of e-commerce. Secure Host offers a number of different service packages for secure hosting for a wide range of clients with differing needs and prior information technology experience. Offshore hosting with Secure Host allows companies to have complete control over their level of investment in their IT resources. Companies with little or no tech experience, or businesses with no existing IT departments, have secure hosting options available to empower their business plans.

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Secure Hosting Opens Second Data Centre For Offshore Hosting On Secure Dedicated Servers

Posted by in Cloud,Dedicated | August 22, 2011

Hamilton, Bermuda – Secure Hosting, a data hosting company based in The Bahamas, has opened its second data centre in Hamilton, Bermuda to provide secure dedicated servers for secure offshore data hosting. The company chose Bermuda because of its government legislation that provides excellent security and privacy for technology and financial companies.

“The government and legislation in Bermuda are highly favourable to companies who need the ultimate in privacy protection and data security. Bermuda’s strong legislation covers Electronic Transactions, Computer Misuse and Data Protection so there just isn’t anywhere better to have your servers,” said Richard Douglas, founder and CTO of Secure Hosting Limited.

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Alan H., Reinvent, Inc.

Posted by in Testimonial | March 29, 2011

Secure Hosting has provided us with excellent services for over 3 years. Their customer service is excellent, and their technical staff are remarkably competent and responsive. They provide excellent value.