Choosing The Right Offshore Hosting Provider

Posted by in Cloud,Dedicated,Security | October 15, 2012

Offshore hosting is the ideal method for any company to establish their products and services online. With the ability to have a turnkey offshore dedicated server preconfigured and ready to go, any company can get online without any prior IT experience or in house staff.

Not all IT firms offering offshore hosting and offshore dedicated servers are built alike. Here are some things a business should consider when choosing which offshore hosting provider fits their needs.

Look For Lots Of Options – Cloud Versus Dedicated

There are practically a million and one different configurations for offshore hosting, IT infrastructure, and managed services. A company that is not willing to be flexible and offer tailor made solutions and packages is probably not the best company to work with. For this reason, Secure Host prides itself on offering flexible IT systems and offshore hosting configurations designed to fit our clients’ needs first and foremost.

One of the first questions a business should consider is the choice between a cloud or dedicated server. A cloud server is a physical machine that is partitioned between clients to run each individual application or website. This is the most economical way to get started and is very easy to setup. Offshore dedicated servers offer clients more power, disk space, and their own server. This setup allows for more elaborate systems and more client choice in operating system and business functions.

For a business that wants to establish their web presence, get a website published, and does not rely on mission critical online components, shared offshore hosting is typically the best option. On the other hand, a company that relies on its internet resources, such as a virtual storefront, would be better suited with an offshore dedicated server.

Exploring Managed Services In Offshore Hosting

Offshore hosting consists of more than just a server sitting on a rack. Not every company is highly tech savvy, so professional IT firms should offer managed services. These services range from monitoring, upgrading, updating, and addressing security issues, to data backup, firewalls, and remote reboots. An IT firm should offer these options for their clients; think of managed services like having a remote IT department. Secure Host offers managed services packages to complement any type of offshore hosting to which our clients subscribe.

Managed services are used to empower any offshore hosting arrangement. Some companies choose to use them in lieu of staffing their own IT department in house. Essentially, a company like this would use a colocation service which allows them to use their own hardware and configuration, but hires an IT firm to handle offshore hosting, rack space, power management, and all the associated management tasks.

In other situations, managed services can be combined with a preconfigured offshore dedicated server to include 24/7 monitoring to ensure 99.9% uptime and the latest security procedures to keep sensitive data safe and e-commerce applications running. An offshore dedicated server also makes for an ideal backup to a primary system to ensure business continuity and quick disaster recovery. No matter the services needed, Secure Host provides managed services to every level of offshore hosting that we offer.

Virtual Private Servers And Offshore Hosting

One of the newest innovations in information technology is virtualization. Specifically, a virtual private server (VPS) is one of the most economical methods for setting up a server. Offshore hosting with a virtual private server is practically identical to an offshore dedicated server. However, multiple VPSs can be run from a single machine. Each server is completely separate from the other virtual servers on the machine due to extensive partitioning. However, each VPS shares the same physical resources. This dynamic use of resources allows for extremely low operating costs on a per server basis.

A VPS is an ideal configuration for many companies. This type of offshore hosting has practically no barriers to entry and is well suited for small businesses and individuals who want to establish their business online. VPSs can be leveraged to provide clients with all the services they need at a very economical price.

When considering which offshore hosting provider will best meet your company’s needs, look for an IT firm that will offer every possible configuration. While preconfigured packages are great to start with, consider the many available options and discuss them with your offshore provider. In the end, Secure Host works hard to provide this type of service and support to all of our clients right from day one.

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