Cutting The Cost Of Technology With Secure Cloud Hosting

Posted by in Cloud,Dedicated | September 25, 2012

E-commerce is a driving force for many business plans. Online capabilities have expanded business’s ability to reach out to customers, create contacts and leads, and brand their product. Of course, there are a number of major companies that are exclusively online and are highly profitable.

However, these technologies cost money and capital to implement and maintain. However, with offshore server hosting now even small businesses owners can enjoy all of the benefits of internet technology at a fraction of the required cost and overhead.

Secure Hosting’s offshore server hosting and secure cloud hosting options are a cost effective way for individuals, businesses, and major companies to get online and establish a presence or expand their business model. Nearly every IT system costs a significant amount of money to roll out and then overhead to maintain. With offshore server hosting options, companies can avoid high capital investments and lower the overhead of running their information technology.

Creating An Online Presence And Growing A Brand With Secure Cloud Hosting

Getting online and establishing a web presence helps to grow any business no matter what services or goods it offers. For many companies that do not have technical expertise, secure cloud hosting is the easiest and most economical way to establish their online presence. Secure Cloud hosting is used to start and maintain a website without having to set up a server in house or hire IT staff. With a shared system configuration, a business can utilize secure cloud hosting at a fraction of the cost of starting their own website from scratch.

Saving Capital Costs On IT Resources With Offshore Server Hosting

For companies that require more than a web site, offshore server hosting is the ideal method for setting up online applications without the usual capital investment. In order to set up a server in house, there is a significant capital investment required to install infrastructure, set up servers and connectivity, establish a network, and load the operating system and the required business applications. This is a major barrier to entry for many companies, especially those without prior technology expertise. In the end, a company that wants to establish their own in house server ends up engaging in a financial risk in order to get up and running.

On the other hand, offshore server hosting eliminates the need for this type of capital investment. Depending on each client’s needs, they can have fully functional offshore server hosting up and running very quickly. Dedicated, preconfigured offshore server hosting cuts down on turnaround time while eliminating the risk of deploying an in house system. Secure Host has a number of configurations available and the flexibility to install offshore server hosting to fit any business need. The process of establishing offshore server hosting is as close as possible to being turnkey; meaning businesses can get online without the risk and capital investment.

Eliminate Overhead And Reduce Operating Expenses With Offshore Server Hosting

Using secure cloud hosting and server hosting can drastically reduce overhead and operating expenses. Consider what it takes to run and maintain a server in house. There is overhead for human resources to hire, manage, and supervise IT personnel. There are electricity costs, climate control, backup and emergency power grids, and routine maintenance. Periodically, hardware and software has to be updated and upgraded. All of these services require time, money, resources, and management in order to keep a server running smoothly to ensure business continuity.

All of these hidden expenses are eliminated with offshore server hosting. With a flat monthly fee, all of these costs are rolled into one budget item. All of the associated overhead that comes with personnel and equipment maintenance is condensed into that monthly fee. All of the management and supervision is performed by Secure Host behind the scenes; our clients never have to worry about maintenance and running an IT department. Secure Host guarantees 99.9% uptime, relieving our clients of the worry of a mission critical business component going down outside of normal business hours.

Offshore server hosting is also the easiest way to have the latest technology and best operating procedures for IT resources. With managed services, every update, upgrade, security software, and maintenance item is taken care of seamlessly behind the scenes.

In the end, all of these services can be procured through a professional IT firm at a lower cost, rather than trying to force fit an in house IT department into a business plan. Offshore server hosting cuts the cost of technology and brings down the barriers to entry.

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