Secure Hosting Opens Second Data Centre For Offshore Hosting On Secure Dedicated Servers

Posted by in Cloud,Dedicated | August 22, 2011

Hamilton, Bermuda – Secure Hosting, a data hosting company based in The Bahamas, has opened its second data centre in Hamilton, Bermuda to provide secure dedicated servers for secure offshore data hosting. The company chose Bermuda because of its government legislation that provides excellent security and privacy for technology and financial companies.

“The government and legislation in Bermuda are highly favourable to companies who need the ultimate in privacy protection and data security. Bermuda’s strong legislation covers Electronic Transactions, Computer Misuse and Data Protection so there just isn’t anywhere better to have your servers,” said Richard Douglas, founder and CTO of Secure Hosting Limited.

Secure Hosting’s new data centre offers a full range of high-security hosting solutions including PCI DSS compliant hosting, secure dedicated servers, secure cloud hosting, and advanced hosting packages. The redundant networks feature full uninterruptible power system (UPS) cooling and backup generators and cutting-edge server technology for 100 percent uptime.

“Our clients include credit card companies and financial institutions that can’t afford to have downtime for any reason including service interruptions, data loss or government seizure. With our new second location, we provide further peace of mind, attracting clients because of our reliability to protect them from data loss and service interruptions,” said Douglas.

Secure Hosting uses industry leading security technologies Cisco and Juniper to protect against hackers and two-factor authentication and VPN access for all hosting plans. The company provides excellent customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that they can serve any company worldwide, regardless of the time zone in which they are located.

About Secure Hosting

Since 2001, Secure Hosting has been providing premium hosting solutions to businesses who are concerned about data seizure, privacy loss or business interruption. The company’s three data centres in The Bahamas and Bermuda are monitored and protected 24/7 with the latest in network monitoring and security technologies including access cards, biometrics and 24/7 video recording.

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