Understanding Offshore Hosting Options: Shared, Dedicated, Colocation

Posted by in Dedicated,Security | August 12, 2012

Offshore hosting is one of the easiest ways for any company to get their business online and start enjoying the benefits of e-commerce. Secure Host offers a number of different service packages for secure hosting for a wide range of clients with differing needs and prior information technology experience. Offshore hosting with Secure Host allows companies to have complete control over their level of investment in their IT resources. Companies with little or no tech experience, or businesses with no existing IT departments, have secure hosting options available to empower their business plans.

Getting Your Website Online With Shared Offshore Hosting

Shared offshore hosting is the basic package available for secure hosting. Clients are able to host their website or application on a server and receive disk space, internet connectivity, monitoring, bandwidth, and email accounts. Shared offshore hosting is ideal for getting a website online in order to generate business leads and inform potential customers about a client’s unique services and products.

While shared offshore hosting is geared towards basic IT needs, companies with mission critical applications, like online billing, storefronts, and customer relationship management, will not find a high level of flexibility and resources available to them. This economical package is designed to be the foundation of a company’s web presence. A client who needs more services, capabilities, and power would be better served with dedicated offshore hosting.

Running Your Business Online With Dedicated Secure Hosting

Dedicated secure hosting packages include more services and capabilities than a shared package. Dedicated hosting allows clients to lease a set of preconfigured and dedicated equipment from Secure Host. The increased IT capabilities and dedicated resources allows for a company to place mission critical IT resources with Secure Host. We provide hardware and network administration along with data center support to ensure that those mission critical applications stay up and running 99.9% of the time.

Dedicated offshore hosting does require a measure of IT knowledge from a client. Each client needs to decide the secure hosting environment and operating system used to run their online business applications. Dedicated offshore hosting does alleviate much of the workload associated with maintaining an in-house IT department, but still requires a knowledge investment from the client. This investment allows each client to tailor their dedicated secure hosting resources to their own business needs with the help of Secure Host.

Do It Yourself With Colocation Offshore Hosting

For clients with existing IT resources and expertise, colocation allows each client total control over their server. Colocation offshore hosting consists of using a client’s own hardware and software, but Secure Host provides rack space, internet connectivity, power management, climate control, and basic data center support.

This arrangement allows for a client to have complete control over their IT resources but alleviates the need to constantly monitor and maintain an in house data center and deal with power management and climate control. Colocation offshore hosting takes on all of the physical responsibilities of deploying IT resources, while the client handles all of the hardware and software decisions and configurations.

Colocation offers each client the greatest measure of control and decision making when it comes to their company’s technology resources. This setup allows for the use of custom and propriety business functions. On the other hand, clients do not have to dedicate time and money on their own hosting infrastructure. Secure hosting facilities require a significant investment in power management, climate control, and security. With colocation, any company can have their hardware well protected and maintained without having to create and staff their own rack space and data center.

Managed Services To Complement Any Secure Hosting Package

All of the above packages come with the option to receive managed services. At the most basic level, all of Secure Host’s services include monitoring and maintenance. In addition, clients can choose to enjoy managed services. These services include the latest in virtual security, cutting edge hardware and software technology with seamless upgrades, and industry expertise to get the most out of any IT package.

Each type of offshore hosting package is designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Prior technical experience is never a problem when it comes to putting a business plan online and enjoying the benefits of e-commerce. For those who are already tech savvy, secure hosting and colocation services help to cut down on overhead and allows a company to focus on its core mission and business functions rather than its IT resources.

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